Ski Coaching


    Private lessons :   One –to-one private lessons are by far the quickest way to improve your ski technique. Whether you are a complete beginner, just can’t seem to get of that intermediate plateau, a seasoned expert skier looking to fine-tune your carving skills, or a budding freerider trying to summon the courage to drop that first cliff, a private lesson is the best way to make rapid progress.  Each lesson is built around your individual needs and goals.   Build confidence, improve control, conquer your fears, or try a new challenge.
    ­Small group lessons (2-6 people):  If you prefer not to be in the spotlight all the time, and would like to share a lesson with friends or family, small group lessons are a great way to jumpstart your skiing in a fun, dynamic environment.

     Video Analysis:  Video analysis is a fantastic teaching tool and a great way for you to see exactly what is going on with your skiing, and will help you move off that plateau and break through to the next level.
    Race Training:  For aspiring ski instructors training for the Eurotest and Test Technique, adrenaline junkies, or advanced skiers looking for a bit of speed and fun, it is amazing how much skiing gates can improve your technique.    Race training improves the accuracy of your movements, forces you to control the shape of your turn, and carve to perfection.  It basically makes your technique spot on, and it’s a blast! 
    All-Mountain Performance Courses:   Although we all dream of fifty cm of fresh snow and blue skies, Mother Nature is not always so kind, and the conditions can be less than perfect.   Learn to ski well and be comfortable in all conditions and all types of terrain:  powder, ice, moguls, steeps, and crud.